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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an appointment for daycare?
  • No you don’t!  Appointments are needed only if your dog is staying overnight or getting a haircut.  Drop off and pick up your pup any time for daycare!  6 hours or less is $18 and 6 or more hours is $28.

Do I need to do a trial day before coming to daycare?
  • We do not require a trial day for daycare.  However, we do require all dogs to come for at least a half day of daycare before  boarding overnight.  This way he/she can have time to adjust and get used to the environment.  We do a slow introduction for all new dogs so they are not overwhelmed when going into daycare.

Is there a half day package?
  • No there is not a specific half day package.  However, half days are $15.00 with the purchase of either our 10 or 20 full day packages.

How do the packages work?
  • Packages are when you pay for daycare upfront in a larger quantity.  Our different packages give you a cheaper daycare price per day.  You can use the money on your account for anything – daycare, baths, nails, snacks, etc. 

Do I need to use my package consecutively?
  • No you don’t!   You can use your package any way you’d like.

Do packages expire? 
  • Packages expire 1 year after purchase.

How far in advance do I need to book boarding?
  • We have limited spots for boarding so book as soon as you know!  We book up quickly on weekends and holidays!  For Thanksgiving and Christmas, we usually book up about 3 months in advance.   There is no charge to cancel a reservation.  We just ask that you call us to cancel so we can open the spot for someone else.

How many dogs do you usually have?
  • The number of dogs we have at our facility varies day by day and hour by hour.  We don’t have a set number.  However, if we feel we are getting too crowded, we will stop taking new customers.  We do not overcrowd our facility!

When are your slower days?
  • Slower days are usually Mondays, Tuesdays, and weekends.

Do you require the dogs to be fixed?
  • Dogs 6 months and older must be spayed/neutered.

Do you require the Canine Flu Vaccine?
  • No we do not

What do you do if it’s raining?
  • Dogs are able to go in and out of the building as they please.  The only time we lock the dogs inside is when it is lightning.

When is the pool open?
  • We open the big pool at least once a day – weather permitting.  Usually we will open it around 11, 12, or 1 and rotate medium and large dogs.  Baby pools are out all day for the pups to splash in. 

What are the ages my dog can come to daycare?
  • Puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age and have 3 distemper/parvo shots to start daycare.  Due to the high activity level of our facility, we do not accept senior dogs 12 years and older.

Do they have breaks?
  • We do not have a required “nap time” at our daycare.  Dogs can go indoors and outdoors as they please.  Many of our dogs like to run around outdoors and then come inside to lie down and relax.  We have Kuranda beds throughout our facility for pups to use.  We do provide a one-time break during lunch time upon request.  Fees may apply. 

Do you give medications?
  • We only give oral medications.  There is no extra charge for this.

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