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Cageless Doggie Daycare

Is your dog bored and home alone all day?

We can help!

  • We offer large indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Indoor areas are climate controlled.
  • We have a large in-ground pool for swimming!
  • Outdoor areas are covered with K9 Grass - made specifically for dogs! Dogs stay clean!!
  • Dogs are separated according to size and temperament.
  • All play areas are constantly supervised while dogs receive extra love and attention from our highly trained staff.
  • Online webcams for you to watch your pup play from anywhere!
  • No cages or required nap time!
  • Doggie daycare is a great way for your dog to socialize, reduce separation anxiety, exercise, and relieve stress.

Doggie Daycare Prices

Full Day

$33 for one dog

$20 for each additional dog

Half Day

$23 per dog

(6 hours or less)

Current Clients: Click on the paw print to purchase daycare packages through our online portal.

Daycare Packages

Full Day Packages

5 Full Days

1 dog - $155

($31 a day)

2 dogs - $255

($51 a day)

10 Full Days

1 dog - $290

($29 a day)

2 dogs - $490

($49 a day)

20 Full Days

1 dog - $540

($27 a day)

2 dogs - $940

($47 a day)

Half Day Packages

5 Half Days

$105 ($21 half day)

10 Half Days

$190 ($19 half day)

20 Half Days

$340 ($17 half day)

(Half day passes are for each dog. There are no additional multiple dog discounts for half days.)